About Us

Travelling is to discover; discovering the joy of life, discovering the answers to the questions popping in our sub-conscious, discovering a purpose of life, and in fact discovering ourselves, away from the hotchpotch and humdrum of our daily lives, which have become out-and-out mundane and monotonous. Travelling gives us that time that we deserve to unwind ourselves and venture into some fun. So surmount the tension mount and give yourself time to relax and mesmerize.

Back-to-back meetings, never-ending phone calls, piles of work and to top it all, the ever-mounting tension to survive the break-neck competition is taking us away from the sole purpose of living and i.e. happiness. In this entire hodgepodge, many of us have forgotten to enjoy our lives, and in fact forgotten to be happy. Scorning this interminable rat-race, and pitying on our cubicle-slaving counterparts, it won't be wrong to say that most of us are slaves to this digitalization in the world and technology is what takes us miles away from the Mother Nature.

Travelling helps us explore the wonder world of nature and give us a breathtaking view of life. Relinquishing and forgoing the comforts of our dwell to enthral into the world of exploration gives us a feeling of gratification. This is what indulgence is in its true sense!

From the words of Hans Christian Andersen, we can accurately put the concept of travelling in the precise statement that - travelling is living!

Yaatree.com is a powerhouse-portal with bountiful information about all the required travel related details of the 'must-travel' cities around the world, their tourist attractions, places to visit, climatic conditions and the best time to visit there. We, at yaatree.com, always endeavour to intensify and broaden your 'travel-knowledge-zone' with an undertaking to provide you with the best travel-related information with a whole host of details regarding those places that will help you select your best voyaging destination to relax and mesmerize your senses and break-free from the daily monotone of the stressful routine life.